Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunrise Above

I was looking through my reference photos and was amazed to see that I have many, many images of sunrises! That's easy to explain since my camera is often with me on daily morning walks, and when the sky blossoms with so much color, I can't resist taking one more picture to remember it by. Sometimes they are so beautiful that I'm sure no one would believe it unless they saw a photo. Everytime we get a morning like this Paulene is almost sure to say, "Good Morning, Heavenly Father!" (She considers the show a personal greeting from Heaven.)

I tried "finger blending" the sky for this piece, which hides the tooth of the paper. I don't know... I kind of like seeing the paper texture. Some of my favorite pastelists have a very loose style which leaves lots of paper showing, and it is very fresh and beautiful. I plan on doing a lot of experimenting to discover what is my preferred way of applying the color.
Sunrise Above 8 x 10 pastel 


  1. It will be fun to see how your experiments turn out. On this one, I like the contrast between the crisp trees and the soft sky colors.

  2. Wow, Dorothy, you are very good. I love all the pictures.

  3. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Leslee. I surely need with any “talent”, we are always our own worst critics. It’s nice to get someone else’s feedback. :)