Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Atlantic Shore

You wouldn't think that a simple beach scene would be so difficult, but I've really struggled with this one. It's  from the same reference photo that I used for yesterday's scribble drawing, and this is about the third time I've tried to do it justice. It's time to put this one away and revisit it when I've got a little more pastel experience behind me. I almost wasn't going to share this attempt since I'm still not happy with how it looks, but I did say in my "about me" bio that "It might not always be pretty at first...". This is one of those times. Hope you like seeing the sea gulls again, Sophie! :)


  1. I don't know enough about making pictures to notice the problems, and I especially like the seagulls. (Like Sophie?) But it must be really difficult to get a sense of movement with waves. Your frustration with needing more time/practice to "get it right" reminds me of how I often feel with my writing. I don't know any way to do it, except to keep trying to do it.

  2. Like any talent or skill I know that it takes hours and hours (or years and years!) to gain a real proficiency. I need to be more patient with myself because I tend to want things to look good NOW, even though I know better. Sometimes I feel guilty "working" on developing this skill because if feels so much like playing or wasting time. But I keep telling myself to get over it...and keep on trying. :)