Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dreams Can Come True

My first set of soft pastels was a student grade variety that I got from a local craft store. Then I purchased a 90 piece set of Rembrandt professional pastels. Both sets came in cardboard boxes, which are fine for at home, but I know I'm going to be traveling with my art supplies this summer and I had been wishing to find something more sturdy to contain my pastel collection. Specifically, I had been wishing for a nice wooden box like other pastel  artists use, but they are quite expensive.

With that thought in mind, I walked into Goodwill today and scanned the wooden "what-not" shelves, and could hardly believe my good fortune when I spotted this box:

Inside the box were plastic dividers and a brand new (maybe used once) set of oil pastels, and some dry pan watercolors. They are most likely student grade, but since my oil pastels are 40 years old, it will be fun to have a newer set to work with.  But what was inside was not what excited was the box itself!  I ripped out the plastic from the other side, laid it with foam, added my own soft pastel collection, and it's perfect!

When I close the lid and latch it, wonder of wonders, everything fits so nicely that none of the pieces move around, even when the box is tilted in every direction. I will however, have to remember to open it from the TOP, or all the dry pastels will fall out. (The other art materials that were in the box already are fitted snugly into plastic cells, so they don't move when the lid opens.) I'm brainstorming a way to make the loose pieces even more secure...

I love the "power of positive thinking" and realizing that wishes CAN come true. Finding this box (only $8) is one of those little tender mercies that help me to know that I am doing just what I need to be doing at this time....becoming the artist I was meant to be. Woo Hoo!

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  1. Oh, that box is so pretty. I love all the colors. What a happy find!