Monday, March 28, 2011

Golden Grasses

Well, as you can see I'm still in a scribbling mode because it helps me to not tighten up so much. Creating photo-realistic art is not what I have in mind, so the trick is to figure out how to interpret the landscape in my own way. (Whatever that will be!) A book I read recently said to do 500 paintings and your style will become evident. 500!! I've got a lot of work to do, then. :)

I remember the day we paddled past this island on Sparks Lake and I was simply delighted with the way the sunlight lit up the yellow flowers in the tall grasses. I took several photos, but they failed to adequately depict the excitement of the gold shimmering in the afternoon I have tried to re-create my own impression with pastel. It was a fun exercise, and now I'm wishing for a warm sunny day to go canoeing again!

Golden Grasses 8 x 10 pastel on orange canson paper


  1. I will never get tired of your Sparks Lake art.

    500 paintings is not so many. If you do one every day, that's less than 2 years. Or if they're less often than that, it's still not forever.

    When I went back to college and contemplated spending 5 whole years in college to get my teaching degree, I couldn't imagine spending so much time in school. Someone (I wish I could remember who) said, well, if you don't go to college, you'll still be 5 years older anyway.

    Bring on the paintings!