Saturday, February 11, 2012

Garden Rocks

My yard has several different areas for gardening. There the front lawn, the backyard upper lawn, and the backyard lower lawn, plus we have terraces, and lots of different beds for growing things. It gets complicated sometimes trying to tell one another where we saw a particular thing in the yard. Today's pastel is from a photo reference in what I call the "triangle bed", which is in the backyard upper lawn. The previous owner placed this interesting pile of rocks into that bed, so I get to garden around them. I like them, so they are staying.
Garden Rocks, 6x6 pastel on grey Canson

In this picture the rocks are surrounded by tall white and purple statice, burgandy rudbeckias, and little lemon gem marigolds. The deer don't eat these plants, but the slugs absolutely LOVE the marigolds, so I have to watch over them carefully.

Anyway, I had fun with this pastel. I layered soft over hard and it was a lovely tactile experience. Sweet.

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