Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mt Talbert Daisy Fields

A couple years ago in July we went for a hike at Mt Talbert in the Clackamas area. It's within earshot of city noise, but the couple miles of winding, woodsy trails are very pretty and quite pleasant for an afternoon outing. We followed a trail up to the summit and discovered this field of blooming daisies which nearly took my breath away. What a delightful hidden paradise! Today I felt up to the challenge of trying to paint a picture from one of my reference photos. I'm happy with how it turned out!

Mt Talbert Daisy Fields, 6x6 pastel on Canson


  1. I am in awe. I clicked on it to enlarge, and got lost in the colors and patterns. My eye tried to follow individual marks, but I couldn't even see how you could make those daisies in the distance. I think this is beautiful and very inspiring. Thank you for sharing!