Monday, March 19, 2012

Hot Springs Morning

In early autumn one year we camped near Bonneville Hot Springs in Idaho. The hot springs bubbled up out of the hillside and tumbled into a wide creek where lovely "pools" had been created by stones. When we arrived in the evening, many people were enjoying the pools, so we waited until morning. Just after the sun came up we hiked the half mile or so down the trail with our towels in hand and were rewarded with an hour of beautiful solitude in the forest hot tubs. The view that I have painted below is what we saw as we first arrived at the springs...the steam marked the way to the pools!
Hot Springs Morning, 9x12 pastel on Canson

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  1. Mark and I were just commenting on how good it would feel to be in a hot tub. I wish I could transport myself to Bonneville Hot Springs! In this picture, I appreciate the way you contrast between the vertical strokes for the distant trees and the swirly look of the steam.