Wednesday, April 18, 2012

California Adventures Pastels

This is the view just before turning up the long drive to the WorldMark resort.

WorldMark Resort, 8x10 pastel on blue Canson

Along the trail in Indian Canyons, Palm Springs

Trail through the palm forest, 8x10 on blue Canson


  1. How amazing to travel from your snowy trees drawing in your previous post, to this! I love the silvery-green-blue tones of the plants. And these palm trees are so different between the two drawings - must be different varieties. What a change from depicting evergreens!

  2. There's a good reason for the difference in the palm trees! The first ones are highly manicured by the resort...and they are also kept that way in the towns. The ones in the Indian Canyon are up to 2000 years old and in their native state, which is shaggy and "skirted" sometimes all the way to the ground. I have also noted that there are several kinds of palm trees even around town.