Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hiway Trees!

We awoke to snow in LaPine on Saturday and headed south towards California. Near Chemult the snow on the trees was thick and beautiful! I took a few photos from the car window as we drove along, and this first painting is based on those pictures.

Snowy Hiway trees, 8x8 pastel on blue Canson

Several hours later, in an area near Red Bluff, California, the trees out of the car window looked much different! These look like distant oak trees, and along the hiway were poppies in bloom. Such an amazing contrast from the morning pictures!

Hiway trees near Red Bluff, 8x8 pastel on grey Canson

This pastel is from the same photo, changed around somewhat, and rendered with different strokes. I kind of like it. Ken likes the first one best.
Hiway Trees near Red Bluff #2, 8x8 pastel on grey Canson

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  1. I agree with Ken. :) And I love the contrast between the snowy trees and the California trees. Ahhh...California poppies. You are taking me back to childhood.