Sunday, September 23, 2012

Clear Lake Camping

We went camping this weekend to Clear Lake in the Mt Hood wilderness. I sat on the beach to do this painting and struggled with the wind (see the ripples against the shore line?) and the glaring afternoon sunshine, but somehow it turned out just fine! Ken sat nearby enjoying a good book, so we both had a nice time on the beach.
Clear Lake Afternoon, 8x10 pastel on red cardstock
Later on, while sitting at our picnic table, I was watching the last lights of the sun in our camping area and impulsively decided to try to paint it. I made a quick sketch with a black pastel, then gleefully scribbled color throughout the paper. What a fun time! I told Ken, "This is what art should always feel like: carefree and fun!" I think the painting even looks as though the artist was having a good time. Yep!
Clear Lake Campground, 8x10 pastel on green cardstock

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  1. I like 'em both! Love that slant of sunlight in the second one, and the "informal" feel of the artwork. Yes, it DOES look like you were having fun. Mark and I have only been to Clear Lake once, and it was a windy, sunny afternoon. I showed your picture to Mark and asked if he could tell where it was drawn. He said, "Clear Lake?" Yup, you got it. :) I like the way you can "see" the bushes blowing in the wind. I don't think I'd like to paddle a canoe in that lake.