Thursday, November 15, 2012

Korean Biker Dudes

While walking to the market in South Korea, this comical duo zipped by. When my camera went up, the man stopped briefly to let me get the picture. Then he surprised me by asking in very broken English if I knew how to speak Korean. I had to admit that I was a new visitor and did not know the language, and he cheerfully wished me a good visit!

Naturally, I had to try and paint the picture of this biker dude and his cutie-patootie little dog riding on the back seat! His shirt matched his bike and he even had tassles out of the handle bars. In the field beside the road there are the ever-present wildflower...cosmos. They bloomed all over!

Korean Biker Dudes, 7 x 7 pastel on brown cardstock

1 comment:

  1. Awesome. I'll bet this was a fun painting with the mix of nature & technology - different lines and shading. What a fun memory. I like the way you detailed the cosmos and the field of grass.