Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ocean View

I had a great time playing with this one. While at the beach a few weeks ago, some of our family members climbed on the rocks to see what they could see. Becky took the photo, and I used artistic license to create this fun pastel version.

Ocean View, 8 x 10 pastel on brown cardstock

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  1. Reminds me of the pencil studies you did of your family so many years ago. Except now the "kids" are the adults and it's filled with grandchildren! Where did the years go... There's something really fun about the dogs in the foreground. (And I'm guessing part of the "artistic license" was lowering the jetty? As a coastal girl, that jetty doesn't look high enough to offer much protection to a harbor - not that it is a problem in the picture because you DO have artistic license, and you should use it! It was just fun trying to guess what you changed.) Love the sky, too.