Saturday, January 26, 2013

Art Workshop #2 Tulips and Oranges

Art Workshop #2 was yesterday and I set up a small still life for all of us to paint from. I loved the colors of the orange and blue together! What a good time we have playing with our colors and discussing all things "artsy"! The first photo shows how I staged the still life.

Ooops, Shirleen! Looks like I snapped the shutter before your beautiful smile was ready!

On the couch is Denver, Shirleen's granddaughter. She's an artist, too, and did a couple watercolor paintings from the still life. The rest of us just take a little longer than she does. :) We also had Rosemary with us, but she had to leave before I remembered to take a few pictures.

The 3 hours we meet together just flies by! Below is the pastel painting I did during our workshop.

Tulips and Oranges, 8 x 11 pastel on grey Canson


  1. Love how your piece turned out. The highlights on the vase might be my favorite part ;) Thanks again for hosting for us. You are so much fun!

  2. I really like the diagonal set-up here. And the background is really neat. I have seen where people do an aura effect around or throughout the focal point.