Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Canemah Bluffs

Yesterday I joined the Clackamas County Painters for their first spring "Paint-Out" at the Canemah Bluffs just outside of Oregon City. This is a group of local artists who like to paint outside, but want company when they are doing it. I found a reference to them online and asked if I could join them, and now I have a new group of artist friends!

Canemah Bluffs was bathed in sunshine yesterday and the blue Camas were blooming in waves across the meadows, along with other wildflowers. I produced two pastel "studies" yesterday on site, but wasn't too happy with the composition, so today's painting is one I did today, based on my studies and photos I took during the day. I took lots of lovely photos, so this may be one of several Canemah Bluff paintings. :)

Canemah Bluffs, 8 x 10 pastel on cream colored UArt paper

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  1. So fun to have a new group to collaborate with! Don't forget that the lilies are in bloom right now in Camassia...