Friday, May 24, 2013

A Treasure Box in the Mail

The mailman brought me a box of treasure! Or so it seems to me. I have been dreaming over this pastel collection for a long time and finally allowed myself to order it. A superb pastel painter named Richard McDaniel put together this selection of colors from the Great American Pastel line, and the colors are chosen specifically with the plein air landscape painter in mind. Don't they look yummy!
Yes, I have taken a couple of them out of the box and made a few marks, (lovely, exquisite marks!) but I'm still in the "just looking at them" phase. Once I get to the point of creating art with them, I have to break them. Seriously! I have to take each one and break them into smaller pieces. That way I can use all sides of the pastel to easily cover more area, and the little broken edges are nice and sharp for details. Crazy, huh? So, I'm going to admire them for just a little while longer. Then we'll get to work.

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