Saturday, May 25, 2013

Memaloose Meadow

I can find inspiration just about anywhere! On our way home from The Dalles last weekend we stopped at the Memaloose Rest Area along the Columbia River Gorge. While waiting for Ken to read tourist signs out front, I wandered off to the side and down a little hillside. Looking up I saw the sky, trees, and a field of wildflowers! The wind was blowing quite strongly, and the tall grasses were waving in the breeze with poppies, cornflowers, and pearly everlastings. Yesterday I roughed in a basic idea with my regular pastels, and today I used my new pastels to complete the painting. No, I didn't break them yet. I barely touched them to the paper, just dragging them along to leaves touches of color all across the image. I love them!
Memaloose Meadow, 5 x 8 pastel on Wallis

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