Wednesday, July 3, 2013

40th Anniversary

I had SUCH a wonderful time with my family these past two weeks! What a whirlwind of activity, hugs and giggles. On June 29th my husband and I commemorated our 40th anniversary and were given these lovely flowers by the kids. The day after everyone left I took them outside to photograph them in the sun so that I could paint them soon. But FIRST, I had to put my studio back together! (It's been a child's room during our reunion.) Finally, I got out my pastels and got to work. It's nice to be back.

40th Anniversary, 5 x 7 pastel on green cardstock


  1. Dorothy, this painting is really lovely. I love the off-center layout and the shadow of the pitcher handle curving below. Happy 40th anniversary!! We are home now, too...welcome back to "normal" (whatever that is). :)

  2. Beautiful pastel. We had a great time and thanks again for the surprise on Saturday.