Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Presume Welcome, Continued

I have gotten behind on posting to this blog! I keep my Facebook page current, but sometimes I forget to upload here, too. Continuing with the "Presume Welcome" series, here are the latest ones. The first two were painted on mat board, coated ahead of time with gesso. It gives a very textured surface which was quite difficult to use and get any kind of detail. I think that kind of surface will work well with landscapes, but I switched back to smoother paper for the last two.
"Presume Welcome no. 2", 5 x 7 pastel on gessoed mat board 

"Presume Welcome no. 3", 5 x 7 pastel on gessoed matboard
"A Carnation Welcome", 5 x 7 pastel on blue Canson paper

"American Colors", 5 x 7 pastel on orange cardstock

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