Thursday, October 10, 2013

One Fine Day

I'm still playing happily with lots of color and ink lines. As my daughter put it, the art is very much "in your face!" But it makes me smile, so I will continue as long as it does. :)
Just a little about the process for those who are curious. I use a source photograph, usually one I have taken myself, but sometimes, like this one, it's from the "Paint my Photo" website. Photographers upload their photos for the sole purpose of allowing visual artists to create something new from their images.
After studying the photo, I use an india ink felt pen and draw the very basic shapes directly onto my sanded paper. Then I start adding color, trying to be careful not to obliterate the original lines. After the color is applied, I bring out the pen again and touch up any areas that might have gotten smudged too much. It isn't about perfection, but I want at least a hint of the lines left showing for the contrast.
One Fine Day, 6 x 6 pastel on Wallis sanded paper with india ink

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  1. Love the perspective in this painting. It draws me in.