Friday, January 31, 2014

Sisters Mirror Lake Trail

I bought a set of 10 inch canvases the other day and have decided to play around with wet media for a change. Closing the lids on the pastel boxes and moving them out of the way felt a little bit sad, and in it's place I set out paper palettes, tubes of acrylic paint, brushes, paper towels, and a large container of water. Brush, brush, dip, swish, brush, stroke and's a whole different technique than searching for the right color and making happy marks on paper. I've done wet media in the past, so it's now just re-remembering a few slumbering skills. Here we go!

First up is my whimsical interpretation of a trail through the wildflowers. The reference photo was taken on a hike last summer to Sisters Mirror Lake.

Sisters Mirror Lake Trail, 10 x 10 acrylic on 3/4" wrapped canvas

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