Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Catching Up

Computer issues are not fun! And when there are "issues", blogging always falls to the bottom of the list of things to take care of. Well, let's see if I can get caught up, because I am hoping that the problems are now behind me!

The McLoughlin House and Barclay House in Oregon City are doing an open house and Willamette Falls Art show this weekend. I have four paintings donated for the show. Two are pastels that I did last year and then I painted two acrylics. The first one I posted here last week, and here is the second one.

"Willamette Falls Rainbow", 8 x 10 acrylic

I don't have many tulips at my house because the deer come up out of the woods and eat them. These two blossoms were hiding out in the front yard, between two evergreen shrubs, so I plucked them before the deer could see them. They have had a lovely view of my backyard from the kitchen window sill. I noticed one day that the petals were almost ready to fall off, and thought maybe I should do a quick painting of them. Sure enough, the next day the petals gave up and left the stem.

"One More Day", 6 x 6 acrylic

Villager Jim is an amazing rural photographer in England. I found him through his photos on Facebook. One day I send him a message about the small works I do, with links to my gallery, and asked for permission to use some of his photos for my paintings. He very sweetly gave his okay, and loves to see each new work that I do from his collection. He says this is a Goldfinch, but it doesn't look like the ones I see around here! However, I gave him credit in the title.

"Jim's Goldfinch", 6 x 6 acrylic

And finally, here is the one I did only today. The photo reference is from the Paint My Photo website. I love the playfulness of these two otters. They remind me of all little boys (and girls!) who get near water and immediately want to throw rocks. I can just imagine the one saying to the other: "How far do you think I can chunk this rock?", and his companion is ready to keep his eye on it. :)

"Skipping Rocks", 6 x 6 acrylic

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