Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ink and Watercolor

This summer, as usual, I'm going to be doing some backcountry camping. We will spend a week primitive camping at a canoe-in lake, and then a 10 day backpacking trip in August. I want to bring supplies for art, but it has to be small, so I got a tiny little watercolor kit to bring along on these (and other) adventures. The following paintings are my way of loosening up a little and practicing with line and watercolor. Fun!

Last fall we took a hike through Silver Creek Falls Park, and the colors were amazing. The DailyPaintworks.com challenge for the week is to paint a path, and a photo I took on that autumn hike was perfect to serve as reference for this painting.

Autumn Trail © Dorothy Jenson 2014
5x7" India Ink and watercolor on paper

A little home town art is up next. Here is our downtown municipal elevator in spring. The structure you see is the top of the elevator and is built on a bluff. Below is the main downtown area and the river in the distance. This elevator is 130 feet tall and is one of only four municipal elevators in the world! Pedestrians use this free elevator to navigate between upper and lower parts of town. (Or they could use the stairs.) Here's my whimsical view of the area with wildflowers blooming in early spring.

Elevator Spring © Dorothy Jenson 2014
5x7" India Ink and watercolor on paper
Standing on the bluff near the elevator, this is a view of the river and bridge below that allows motorists to cross over to a neighboring town.

River Crossing © Dorothy Jenson 2014
5x7" India Ink and Watercolor on paper

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