Monday, September 15, 2014

Beach Art and a Challenge

In spite of how it looks, I have been somewhat busy with art. I spent several days on a pet portrait that is now complete, which turned out just darling! I can't show it to you yet, as it is a surprise gift to be given by the person who commissioned the portrait. You'll see it when I get the "okay"!

The beach is lovely this time of year and I got to spend several days basking in the sun in Neskowin, OR. I really thought I'd do more art, but mostly I enjoyed being out and walking, walking, walking in the lovely surroundings. Finally, so as not to be too disappointed in myself, I did a couple watercolors.

Proposal Rock Reflections, 5 x 7 ink and watercolor

That Leaning Tree, ink and watercolor sketch
Now that I am home, I decided to take on the Daily Paintworks Challenge of the week:
The Garden Selfie Challenge!
"Find a smallish mirror and a camera find a nice spot in your garden or in the park. Make a selfie of your face in the mirror, with the greenery behind the mirror. This may take some juggling to get a satisfying picture! The challenge is to paint this scene and make the mirror stand out as a special part of your painting. The fact that your hand is visible ought to help."
First thing this morning, as our hazy sun was rising (forest fire smoke in the air), I went out with my hand mirror to take a reference shot for my painting, and here's what I came up with!
What a fun challenge!

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