Friday, October 10, 2014

Autumn Lane

In spite of what it may look like, I HAVE been working on my art the last few weeks. Two of the projects were pet portrait commissions which I can't share yet because they are gifts! Then we did take a couple weeks off for a road trip to visit family (and play!), and sometimes in the car I did watercolor sketches. Anyway, here's one I can share that I squeezed in between portraits. We visited the Steens Mountain area in SE Oregon and it was stunning! I took lots of photos and hopefully will get around to making a few paintings with them. When we got home I checked the DailyPaintworks challenge for the week and it was an autumn theme. Well! I had snapped a photo from the passenger side of the car on a gravel road near the Steens Mountain and it inspired me to do a quick colorful, very impressionist version of the scene. It's a 10x10 inch canvas, which is a little larger than I usually work, but it was quite fun.

Autumn Lane © Dorothy Jenson 2014
10 x 10 " acrylic on canvas

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