Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Daybreaker Moment

For years and years I refused to grow roses in my garden because I thought they were simply sticker bushes with a bright bloom once in a while. I didn't want my 5 kids to get tangled up in the thorns when they played in the yard! Finally I learned that there are roses that bloom almost three seasons long (here in Oregon), and my kids were old enough to avoid the dangers, so I began to collect rose bushes. One of my very first plants was Daybreaker, and I discovered it in someone's yard in my neighborhood. The owner said, "take as many cuttings as you need", and I learned the art of rooting my own roses. Daybreaker is now a beautiful bush that blooms on and on in my own garden, and the stickers only bother me when I need to prune it. Ouch!

Daybreaker Moment, © Dorothy Jenson 2014
6x6 acrylic on wrapped canvas, varnished, $50

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